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    Welcome to Lamp Database

    LAMP is the acronym for a powerful and commonly used suite of open source tools.

    We use these tools to build bespoke solutions for our customers.

    • Linux operating system,
    • Apache web server,
    • MySQL database management, and
    • Perl, Python & the PHP programming language.  
    • C# & C++ programming languages.  


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    • At LAMP we specialise in building bespoke customised solutions.
    • Tailor made for any organisation, large or small.
    • Because our systems are designed from the ground up with your specific purpose in mind, they are highly efficient and optimised.
    • We are able to leverage almost any technology available, however our core technologies are Open Source tools that are the most widely used on the Internet today.
    • Your system will be custom designed by us for you.
    • It will be written from scratch using tried and tested methods that are proven to be dependable.
    • There are no ongoing software licence fees or upgrade charges, ever.
    • If you decide to modify the system later, you are not locked to us.
    • There are thousands of companies that offer similar services and the universal nature of the technologies and languages used means they are totally portable and scaleable.


  • Speed & Stability

    Speed & Stability

    • Linux is the No.1 operating system used by servers on the Internet.
    • Apache is the No.1 web server used on the Internet.
    • Mysql is the No.1 database used on the Internet.
    • PHP is the No.1 server side processing language on the Internet.
    • Google, Facebook, IBM and HP all rely on these for core services.
    • It is common for Linux servers to run unattended for months or even years.
    • Facebook serves 570 billion page views per month, from a LAMP system!
    • Software updates are provided free of charge.
    • Over 50% of enterprise applications are now served by Linux servers.
    • The open nature of the software and it's source code means you can trust it.
    • All our systems back themselves up in real time and all backup data is encrypted before leaving the server.
    • Your data is safe and secure at all times.


  • Custom Designed

    Custom Designed

    • Most other software packages are off the shelf and not specific to your application.
    • We custom write every line of code, for you.
    • The entire system is designed around your requirements, it is targeted and unique.
    • We are able to implement ANY feature or design request.
    • Your system can be as simple as an interface to a database where you store records.
    • Your system can be a fully features computer program that runs as a stand alone application.
    • We are able to write applications that run on Android or IOS.
    • You can choose to provide your own local server, or use cloud services recommended by us.
    • We leverage custom VPS servers located in the cloud. These are located geographically close to you for optimal performance and are highly scaleable and portable.
    • All applications can grow from hundreds to thousands of users simply by scaling the server speed, this can be done in minutes.


  • Your Membership Database

    Your Membership Database


    Most organisations spend a lot of office time managing their membership database. Many use a spreadsheet to track member information and still process payments by check or bank transfer. This is very time intensive and wastes a large number of man hours. Whether you are a volunteer group, or you are paying for those hours there is a real cost associated with the overhead.
    We can offer you a bespoke system for managing your members information and taking payment. It is secure and simple for the members to use and for you to administer. You can accept all major credit cards and bank account payments.
    The system is built on MYSQL and PHP the industry leading technologies that drive Google and Facebook.
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  • Affordable

    Cost Effective

    Highly tailored software solutions need not be expensive.
    We are able to work with you to quickly develop software that delivers exactly what you need, on any platform, in any country.
    With our experience in multiple programming languages and 20 years of developing for all major operating systems, you can be assured of robust and timely solutions.
    If you have a project in mind, why not let us quote, you will be surprised by how affordable it can be.
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