Welcome to the WA Free Flyers RASP Server

This server is provided as a free service to local pilots. RASP forecasts are useful for quickly viewing flying conditions.

You can find RASP forecasts for Eastern Australian locations at http://ausrasp.com SA is here http://www.users.on.net/~dsg/HG/RASPtable.html

This server calculates a 6km resolution model for all the flying areas. If you would like anything changed please let me know.

It is time and CPU intensive to produce many models and so although the ultimate plan is to end up with a 7day forecast, only the next 3 days are always generated.

The RASP model used GFS data and this is generally considered to be very accurate for the next day but then declines in accuracy after that.

There is probably not much point making big decisions about your huge XC plans until 2 days before the date of the forecast. You can of course start dreaming about the great conditions much further in advance.

I'm still working out some timing issues with the server, so it is possible that you might see an error warning you that the forecast is not for the date you selected, this probably means the model run started before midnight and ended after midnight resulting in the next day changing, it is still a valid forecast just look at the date on the RASP graphic at the top of the page.

This is very much a work in progress. I'm a PG/HG/WM/GA pilot and I have set things up as I find them useful, if you want additional regions or soundings, please ask.

If you don't know what RASP is then try the links on the Help Understanding RASP page. There are some PDFs that you can download and videos that you can watch that explain what it all means.

Help understanding RASP



WA Coverage

The server will try and produce a 7day forecast every morning. The data is usually available from NOA at 11.30pm AWST so it should be updated by early afteroon.

This model is processed on my own personal server and the extra CPU time allows a 7 day forecast.


Bakewell, Westonia

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