Software and Hardware - I understand both.

LampDatabase provides its services to business and government and has been doing so for over 25 years.

I run a small and highly responsive business based near Bright, Victoria. I am highly mobile and frequently travel around the world for both work and adventure.

I limit my number of clients to ensure that I am highly available when required.

I won't work on multiple large projects at the same time as this compromises my ability to respond rapidly to requests. I generally bill by the hour for ad-hoc consulting and small projects. For larger projects I provide a detailed roadmap before I start and this includes the total cost.

I will travel interstate and overseas for meetings or on-site work as required, however these days most work is done remotely.

My Services Include:

  • Business IT Infrastructure Consulting and Design. (Networks Servers Systems Backup)
  • Computer Software Design and Development. (Linux Mac Windows)
  • Internet & Intranet Website and Application Design. (HTML5 PHP Javascript)
  • Database Design and Development. (MYSQL & SQLITE)
  • Embedded Device Design and Development. (Arduino & ESP)
  • RFID Hardware and Software Developer. (LLRP)
  • Server security testing & Linux server management.
  • Linux and open source specialist.
  • Mobile Application Design.
  • Web & Domain Hosting and Registration.(
  • Redundant Deduplicating Backup Systems.

My Charges:

Effective from Oct 2023

  • Ad-Hoc IT Consulting or Software Development for big business $250/hr
  • Ad-Hoc IT Consulting or Software Development for small business $150/hr
  • Ad-Hoc IT Consulting or Software Development for Non-Profit $150/hr
  • >10 hrs IT Consulting or Software Development for big business 175/hr
  • >10 hrs IT Consulting or Software Development for small business $100/hr
  • >10 hrs IT Consulting or Software Development for Non-Profit $100/hr
  • Onsite Visits charged at $150/hr or $800 per day
  • Less than 30min travelling time is free. $75/hr therafter

Not just a web developer, an IT expert.

I have decades of experience dealing with IT issues in business:

During the last 25 years, hundreds of businesses, nonprofit associations and government departments have benefited from my services.

Initially acting in a consultant role I am able to assist you to understand what options are available to you.

I then assist you in choosing the right strategy for your exact needs.

I will take you all the way from the initial concept to the final deployment of your project.

I only charge you for results.

About me personally:

I am of Swiss descent but was born and educated in the UK and later immigrated to Australia.

I wanted to be a pilot as a child and started flying as a teen. I worked as a commercial pilot for years and ran my own flying business.

I started the first wireless broadband ISP in Perth in the 1990s.

I fly Hanggliders and Paragliders for fun.

I love to stay fit and enjoy running and Hike-and-Fly missions.

I travel as much as possible, usually to destinations with mountains.

99% of my work is done remotely. Regardless of my location on Earth I am able to work on my laptop on most days of the year.