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At LampDatabase I pride myself on my service.

I deliver on time and on budget.

I use open source tools and solutions wherever possible. This keeps costs to a minimum but also maximises your control and ownership over the project. This is vital for ensuring that the system will remain secure and viable into the future. If you buy a solution from a 3rd party vendor you are locking yourself into their update cycle.

I ensure that you understand your options and the costs before any work starts, after all, your business depends on it. Because of my experience I am able to accurately forecast the time required and the cost of your project.

I have written many desktop applications for windows using C#.

I can convert the same C# applications to run under Mac or Linux with Mono.

I generally use C++ to write software for embedded systems.

If you need a website that will do something clever then I can build that site for you in a way that will be extremely cost-efficient and scalable.

I can write extremely complex web or intranet based applications using PHP, MYSQL and HTML5 and Javascript. Anything you can imagine can now be done. These applications can be made extremely fast and redundant and available simultaneously anywhere in the world. They can operate in an offline mode without an internet connection and then re-sync when connected again.

I can write custom desktop software, this will run on any platform and can be compiled into a click and run binary with all dependencies contained for any platform.

I have decades of experience with wireless networking, particularly in long distance links.

I have a customised deduplicating backup solution that is able to reduce a 10TB backup set down to 11GB.

If you have an idea for a business that requires a complex database driven website I can work with you to see the idea formed into an effective plan. I can then build the site for you with your input and feedback ensuring the result is exactly what you wanted. I offer a turn key solution, so I can set up the VPS accounts for you and then configure and install all required software before I build your custom solution. Your ongoing fixed costs are often limited to the VPS charges as I am happy to work Ad-Hoc as required.

My solutions use open source software and avoid lock in, and as a result there are no licencing fees, and you are always free to move to another VPS provider or software developer.

My customers stay with me because they are looked after, and in the same way I keep good customers.

Example Project Times and Pricing:

All prices are in Australian Dollars. 

Configure a Linux VPS as a secure web & mail server. Completed within hours. $150

Configure a Linux VPS as a secure web & mail server and install WordPress or Joomla. Completed within hours. $250

Configure a Linux VPS as a secure web & mail server and install any custom PHP based software (e.g. Moodle). Completed within hours. $350

Manage a Linux VPS ensuring ongoing security and performance. $50/month or $500/year

Perform an audit to secure and speed up your Linux based VPS web server. $150

Install Custom WordPress or Joomla software. $150

Create a custom Joomla or WordPress plugin. Starting from $250

Site visit to office premises within Victoria Region. $50/hr driving + $150/hr on-site

Create an online store for your business. Completed within days. $500

Create a simple cross-platform application to control 240v devices over Bluetooth, Zigbee or 802.11 $550

Create a Solar powered 2Mbit wireless link between 2 locations up to 10km apart (with LOS), including equipment. From $1500

Create a low speed Mesh network on your property to monitor and control multiple gates and pumps. From $2500

Create a membership portal for your organisation to allow members to update their details and renew online. Completed within a Month. From $1500

Create new software for your manufacturing business to control equipment. Completed within 1 Month. From $1500

Create a tailored document management and accounting system for busy office. Completed within 1 month. From $3500

Complete a company-wide management system and Intranet, including accounting, sales, contact, inventory management & training systems, with payment & bank integration. Completed within 6 months. approx $18,000

Travel to your location anywhere in the world for consulting or to work on site. All expenses (Flights, Accommodation, Food) plus $800 per day


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Using the latest HTML5 technology I am able to develop amazing applications for you. HTML5 is now widely supported in all the major web browsers. An HTML5 based application will run on any computer or mobile device. HTML5 includes the power of modern Javascript, a powerful and fast language that enables you to do anything you can do on the desktop. When the application needs to do server side processing, I use PHP as this is hugely scalable and together with a MYSQL database back end, powers much of the internet. When you need a stand-alone application for server or desktop, I use Python or C# or Mono or .NET or C++.